Typical charges for standard repair of an American 8 day time and strike shelf or mantel clock
Service Preformed Standard repair charge

Disassemble, ultrasonically clean, polish pivots, bushings replaced as necessary, reassemble, lubricate, set in beat and tested for two weeks.

Bushing replacement cost $7.50 per bushing 

(Some Repair Shops have charged $150.00 for the disassenbly, cleaning pivot polishing, etc...)

(Some Repair Shops charge $10.00 per bushing)


Most 8 day time and strike clock movements require somewhere between 4 and 12 bushings 
That will be an additional $30 to $120 dollars (depending on how many bushings are required.)
* Effective February 2013: there will be a minimum $75.00 charge for any work that requires disassembly of the movement. 

The prices above will vary for other clock movement types (for example: Westminster and Tall Case / Grandfather movements).